The story of a photographer

Well you already know- I'm Amber! I have a life-long passion for The Great Outdoors (which is also my favourite backdrop). My education originated in Natural Resource Conservation, something still close to my heart. In addition to exploring outdoors, I love stand-up comedy, long distance running, thriller novels, gardening and crafting.

While my interests keep me busy, I wouldn't have it any other way! I love to try new things and challenge myself daily. I've always yearned for adventure, so you can imagine how much I enjoy all parts of my job. The travel, exploring, getting to know my couples and their stories- its a total dream.

I have lived on this beautiful island for over a decade and I don't plan on leaving! I'm married to my best friend & together we have an amazing little daughter. They were my original inspiration for photography before I branched out professionally. Something about growing into a family sparked my love for capturing those precious moments for others, at this point-that love is a wildfire.

When it comes to your session, my best tool is my humor. I take it everywhere with me! I like to play music, chat with you, and have you focus on each other. My goal as a photographer has always been to capture your connection. Forget about the camera, enjoy your intimate moments and create memories to last a lifetime. I love, love and I'm here for all of it.

Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer

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