The story of a photographer

Well you already know- I'm Amber! I have a life-long passion for the outdoors. My university education originated in Natural Resource Conservation, something still close to my heart. In addition to the outdoors, I love all animals, stand-up comedy, thriller novels, and charcuterie! I have lived on this beautiful island for over a decade and I never want to leave! I am a wife & mama who adores her little family. They were my original inspiration for photography before I branched out professionally.

I am a person of many passions! Along with photography, I have a love for running & fitness, gardening, hiking, crocheting, homesteading -and more I'm sure. While my interests keep me busy, I wouldn't have it any other way. I like to move and create and experience new things on the daily (while also maintaining my predictable routine).

There is nothing about this island I don't love. Stunning forests, sandy beaches, sun-soaked vistas, and oh so much greenery. My second inspiration is this place I call home. I can't forget all the beautiful & unique venues on this island either! I look forward to hearing about your visions that we can create together.

When it comes to your session, my best tool is my humor. I take it everywhere with me! I like to play music, get to know you, and have you focus on each other. My goal as a photographer has always been to capture your connection. Forget about the camera, enjoy your intimate moments and create memories to last a lifetime. I love, love and I'm here for all of it.

let's chat about lifes great adventures