The story of a photographer

Well you already know- I'm Amber! I have a life-long passion for The Great Outdoors (which is also my favourite backdrop). In addition to photography and exploring outside, my hobbies include long distance running, organic gardening, and binge reading thriller novels. Big or small, a good adventure is my favourite way to spend my time!

I live for planning and goal setting and am definitely passionate about organization. Outside of that, adventure has always been a key part of my life, so you can imagine how much I enjoy all parts of my job. The travel, exploring, getting to know my couples and helping them plan- it's a total dream!

I have lived on this beautiful island for over a decade and it truly is my home. I'm married to my best friend & together we have an amazing little girl. They were my original inspiration for photography before I branched out professionally. Something about growing into a family sparked my love for capturing the best moments in life for others, at this point-that love is a wildfire.

When it comes to working with me, my best tool is my humor. I love to laugh and help you enjoy your time in front of my lens! My goal as a photographer has always been to capture your connection and to help you get the most out of life's biggest moments. I'll help you forget about the camera and create memories to last a lifetime. I love, love and I'm here for all of it.

it's those little moments that you'll remember forever