It's the day before your big day!

annnddd if you are anything like most people who have been planning a wedding, you are feeling a mix of excitement and nerves while also being overwhelmed with love and hoping you are ready and haven't forgotten any details! Rest assured, everything will be amazing! These tips are helpful reminders of things you may forget. There are a few day before things you can do to help make sure you are looking & feeling your best.Whether you are eloping, planning an intimate celebration or a large wedding, this ones for you :)

1.Drink plenty of water

This may seem totally obvious or maybe a small detail but it really is very important for a few reasons! Firstly, your day is going to be eventful. Many weddings are held in the summer or even in warmer indoor spaces. You may be busy, excited or nervous and forget to hydrate the day of. Wedding days usually require a lot of energy and often last from early in the morning to late at night. Help yourself feel your best all day by preparing with this simple tip. In addition, drinking plenty of water the day before will also help when it comes to your skin! Your makeup will look amazing on a fresh and hydrated face! Getting in your H2O will also help you avoid puffiness and lines on your skin from clothing or other things you may rest against. It's your day and you want to look and feel your best so don't forget this step!

2.get some rest

Ok, another seemingly obvious point but again- you are going to be on the move. Even the day before I am sure you will find things to do that pop up last minute or still need to be crossed off your list. Make sure you are taking time for yourself. If recharging for you means alone time, relaxing with friends or connecting with your soon to be spouse, make sure you do that! Often we are with our wedding party/friends the night before and it can be so tempting to start the party early. While spending that time together is part of it all, try to limit alcohol, salty foods and anything thats harder to digest. It's totally great to be excited and have fun, but you also want to make sure you are getting to bed at a reasonable hour so you can be sure to have a good night sleep! Just like I mentioned before, you are likely going to be doing a lot on your big day and you want to be as energized as possible. Another small side tip is to not change anything in your beauty routine the day before. New lotions, soaps, washes etc can cause skin reactions and thats the last thing you want for your celebration. So do what you normally do and don't forget to hit the hay early! If you are having a hard time relaxing, try listening to some calming music or even a guided mediation. Practicing being present will help you achieve that on your big day.

3.pack a small day-of kit

This can be so helpful! A bag with some essentials can be so perfect. As a photographer, I pack along some items to help ensure your day runs smoothly but putting together some personal belongings you may need can help put your mind at ease and is another step in helping you be prepared! Have this ready the day before and in a location or with a person who you know will be in close proximity all day (a wedding party member, trusted friend or family member). There are many things you can include and those are all up to you but here are some of my suggestions.

  1. Your phone & charger
  2. Bobby Pins
  3. Q-Tips
  4. Makeup Touch- ups
  5. Protein Bar/ Mess free snack
  6. Bottle(s) of water
  7. Skin Coloured Band-Aids
  8. Medications and OTC pain reliever
  9. Nail File
  10. Small Sewing Kit, Fabric Tape or Super Glue
  11. Compact Mirror
  12. Sunscreen
  13. Tissues
  14. Change of Shoes
  15. Lint Roller
  16. Gum
  17. Stain Pen
  18. Cash

All of these items have their uses and just help make sure you are prepared for anything that comes your way! It's better to be prepared than stressing over a small problem that can become an issue. Help put your mind at ease by taking this extra step :)

BONUS TIP: Also ensure you have a pre-ceremony plan for who will be caring for your wedding bands, vows/gifts (if this is part of your day) and marriage licence!

4.reply to vendor confirmations

Many vendors will reach out the day before with a final confirmation of time/location etc. When I am working with couples, I send a text the day before reminding you what time I will be at our first location, when I will come to you for the beginning of your photography coverage and share a bit of my excitement for your big day! In addition to making you feel secure and reminding you, this also means my phone number will be right there in your text inbox should you need to reach out to me at any point. If your vendor sends you a day before confirmation, just reply and let them know you have received their message!


This is just another way to help streamline your day and ensure you are totally prepared. You (of course) don't have to have everything right out in the open the day before. You can claim a closet where you can hang your dress/suit, have your shoes in that closet as well. Add in your accessories such as earrings, necklaces, perfume, hair pieces and what ever else you plan on wearing for your big day. This will make it simple if your photographer is capturing these items for you as well! We often start with photographing your details and accessories. As I mention in my Wedding Experience Guide, having your details, clothing and accessories organized the day before will help ensure all of the beautiful things you have meticulously planned are ready to go which lends to the speed of getting all of your beautiful details captured. If you or your photographer has to search your getting ready location for all the items, it's going to add time to the process and we want to make sure you are relaxed and nothing is forgotten! When it comes down to it, you know what it takes to feel your best and be prepared. Think about what you need to help you look and feel your best all day in the weeks leading up to your event, and you will be set!

6.have a rehearsal

Having a rehearsal is a sure fire way to make sure you have covered all of the plans and everyone in your wedding party is familiar with the plan. This can help you envision your big day and ease some of those pre wedding jitters! It may seem simple but practicing your timing, making sure the music is set up properly and everyone knows their duties is essential. Another great way to make sure you are prepared for awesome ceremony photos is to mark where you will be standing. You want to ensure you and your partner are centred in front of your ceremony location and you stand close enough together to hold hands. Making sure chairs are laid out so they are accessible is also important. If your photographer can walk around the outsides of your rows of chairs (not pinched against a wall, rocks or rough terrain) is at all possible this will lend to more space and angles for capturing those once in a lifetime moments. Feel free to practice your first kiss, aisle exit or any other special things you have planned! Run through it more than once if you need to! If you've hired one, a coordinator or planner should be there or available to provide you with advice!

So after all of this has been done, let the little things go and get ready to enjoy one of the best days of your life :)

Good luck, it's going to be spectacular!!!

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