A Stunning Pacific Northwest Day

I had the honour of capturing Alisa & Mitchell's sweet oceanside engagement at one of my favourite spots in Nanaimo and their beautiful Ucluelet resort wedding. When we first met via video chat, I knew they would be incredible clients. So sweet, genuine and down to earth I was already looking forward to their big day far in the future. Their connection was so sincere and loving (and they also had the cutest pup) so I was hooked from the start! In case you are wondering, yes I'm a sucker for dogs at sessions :)

Getting to know them during their engagement session was the best. It's always so special when we meet and connect before the big day. It lets us both know what to expect from each other and helps with imagining all the special moments when your wedding comes! Engagement sessions hold such a special place in my heart and this one was no exception.

Engagement Beach Photo
Dogs at engagement sessions
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Nanaimo Engagement Photographer
Nanaimo Photographer
Piper's Lagoon Engagement

Fast forward

A year and a couple of months later and it was time for their big day! Along the way, I learned they had started growing their family and I was so excited to hear they were expecting a sweet little girl later that year. It made the celebration just that much more special! In between planning with them and preparing for capturing their special day, I was filled with excitement for returning to my favourite place, Ucluelet. It's insanely wild beauty, gorgeous jagged rocks and the greenest trees I think I've ever seen. It's the ultimate destination and its energy is unmatched. Black Rock Resort is also such a special place with its sweeping views and the gorgeous channel racing right up to their wine cellar ceremony location. As soon as you arrive, you can feel the magic that place holds.

Black Rock Resort Wedding
Black Rock Resort Photographer

The morning started

In their beautiful bridal suite overlooking the ocean and waves rolling in. Alisa was already looking angelic just starting her getting ready process as I arrived. I captured photos of her stunning dress and gorgeous details and accessories to start their coverage. She had beautiful little pearls delicately set in her hair, which made for such a stunning look. I loved capturing this part of the day. Family members were arriving for peeks as she was getting ready and everyone was just so excited to see her and how incredible she looked. When hair and makeup were complete, I captured the moments of getting her dress and accessories on plus some gorgeous oceanside bridal portraits. We had a bit of extra time for a few getting ready shots with her lovely bridesmaids and a truly heartfelt first look with her Dad before heading off to capture the groomsmen. The getting ready part of wedding days is so spectacular. The quiet nerves and excitement. Feeling it all finally come together and preparing to make promises to the person you love most. There really isn't anything like it.

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Ucluelet Wedding
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Then it was time

To head over to the groomsmen's suite! They were all just about ready waiting for myself and their lovely videographer to capture some final touches before heading into the wine cellar for the ceremony. Boutonniere's were pinned, ties were tied, shoes were on. All that was left was a patio toast and some words of encouragement for the groom and we were off. These two truly picked an amazing wedding party. Ready, willing and able for what the day would bring. It was nothing short of super special and you could feel the love and support in the air.

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intimate wedding photographer
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For the big moment

We made our way to the wine cellar with the rain running down the floor to ceiling windows and waves splashing outside. It was MAGIC! I truly adore that space and their lovely vows and gorgeous ceremony went off without a hitch. It was so obvious how much these two loved each other and how lucky their little girl would be to have such amazing parents. As a photographer, my heart just about leaps out of my chest during every wedding ceremony. It's like the more weddings I take part in, the more I feel it and recognize those once in a lifetime moments for just how spectacular they are. My mind and my body know exactly what to do, capturing moments and emotions as excitement and love feels as if it's about to make me burst at the seams. It's one of the times in life I am the very most present, thinking of nothing else. You could say I love my job. This ceremony was fantastic.

Black Rock Resort Wedding
Ucluelet Wedding Ceremony
Tofino wedding photographer
Vancouver Island wedding
BC wedding Photographer
nanaimo wedding
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Ucluelet elopement
Ucluelet elopement photographer
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elopement photography
Ucluelet elopement photography

After they said I- do

And had the chance to mingle a bit we started family and wedding party photos. Given that it was a blustery day, they opted for staying indoors for some portraits. Sneaking out for just a few to brave the elements (which was so entirely worth it). There was so much joy and laughter and we captured the best moments. Embracing the wind and rain to make it happen. We even escaped to the patio just off the lounge of the resort and so many onlookers were admiring the stunning bride and the fun this group was having. It's so perfect to cherish the grand commitment of your wedding day with those you love the most. This was an intimate wedding and the vibes were immaculate. All you have to do is see for yourself :)

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Pacific Northwest wedding
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Bring on dinner!

Time for their reception which was held in the same space as the ceremony, that gorrrgeous wine cellar. It had been turned around and decorated to perfection during the time we were capturing portraits and it was ready for a lovely evening. There were long tables, elegant florals and intimate lighting that lended to more amazing vibes for this day. Dinner and dessert was served, some pretty hilarious (and also touching) speeches happened, the sweet little cake was cut and the first dances were had as well in this epic space. They also put together an amazing slideshow! Capturing everyone's reactions was so fun. Just more love all around. Their coverage ended as darkness fell and the dances ended. All in all this day was so wonderful in so many ways. I always feel so lucky to get to do what I do and capture the best moments with the best couples. Reflecting back on this day to write this made my heart swell yet again :)

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