You've decided on your forever person....

Congratulations!!! It's one of life's most exciting moments. Knowing that the person you are with is the person you want by your side forever. There truly aren't many things more special than that. Proposals are wildly exciting! From sharing the secret with a trusted friend, to picking out the ring and planning how you are going to ask, it's a THRILL! One way to ensure that all of your love and effort is captured is to hire a photographer to document the moment!

When it comes to asking the love of your life to spend your lives together, why wouldn't you want professional photos marking that moment in time?! It's fleeting and it's amazing. Having properly photographed memories to look back on and share with those in your life is truly so special.

When I am contacted for a proposal, the first thing I do (after my happy dance :)) is to hop on a call with you! I'll ask you some basic questions about your relationship, your amazing partner, thoughts on the proposal vision and a general sense of how you are feeling and then we will get started! Of course, being a little nervous is totally normal. Rest assured, I will help you come up with a fool proof plan to not only ensure all the boxes are checked but that I am also positioned to capture your best moments.

Depending on your location, we will decide upon one of three ways to capture your proposal.

  1. I will act as a bystander taking photos of nature or something else going on at the scene of your proposal. This works best for busy locations where a person with a camera is a relatively normal thing that won't stand out!
  2. You tell your partner that you have booked a couples photography session and I meet you both and start capturing. Before the session we will have decided on a code word and plan. Once the code has been said, I will get into position for the big moment!
  3. I will be hidden! This one I use only when you are in a private location and options 1 and 2 are not suitable. I will remind you of some pointers to make sure you are in my lens range and your moment is captured!

For all three scenarios, I will give you some time right after the proposal to really soak it all in. The hugs, kisses and happy tears. If we haven't met (options 1 & 3) I will come over and introduce myself. We will continue capturing some super happy moments for the remainder of your session and alllllll those ring details.

Post session, I provide sneak peeks within 24 hours so you have images to share online or with family and friends to announce your big news! The remainder of your gallery will come in a few weeks and you will have so many beautiful moments documented to cherish forever.

So now, can you see why you REALLY need to hire a photographer for this moment? Not only are we going to help you get it perfect, we will also make sure nothing is missed.

Can you imagine showing these images to your family, future kids, and friends when they ask to hear your story? THAT is when those moments hit home and you will feel so damn glad you didn't skip on having this experience captured.

If you are planning a proposal, let's chat! :)