My very first blog post, I can hardly believe it! Getting this started has been on my to-do list for I don't know how long. I do know that when I crossed it off it said " winter blog" and its May, so thats fairly telling.

I really just wanted to talk about all that this blog will be. By no means do I claim to be an amazing writer or have it all figured out just yet. If you are expecting a masterpiece in personal narrative, look elsewhere. LOL.

A few things inspired me to start writing this. First, it will allow me to share more images from galleries to give you a better idea of styles, colours, venues, etc. It will allow more room for storytelling. It will also allow room to get to know me a bit better! Sharing snips and and photos of myself to my stories on social media or having the 'about me' page on my website is great, but I think there's something special about reading the words someone has written. I feel I get a better sense of who they are and if I'm lucky some really great stories accented with visual imagery.

There's another inspiration I had for this as well and that is to share the world of the photographer. Before I entered the professional photography field I really had no idea what it entailed. It's so enlightening looking from the inside out. Along with stories, I plan to educate and provide information about specifics in the industry. Who knows, maybe I'll even host an interview or two!

I'm open to feedback about my blog and topic suggestions and requests. If there's something you want to see, don't hesitate to let me know! I plan to post a new blog weekly on Wednesdays. I'll share the link in my IG stories when its live and it will be up on Pinterest as well!

I really can't wait to share some stories and show some gorgeous never before seen photos. If you, someone or an organization you know would like to be featured- please reach out!

Stay tuned :)