If you ask anyone who I've worked with at weddings, they will probably tell you I'm obsessed with details! ALL of the details. That being said, I LOVE photographing rings. They are such a special part of a wedding day and a marriage. Not only are they symbolic and beautiful, they also reflect the individuality of the person who wears them.

I have a few ways that I love to capture rings. If it's something included in the coverage, I'll be sure to find a unique way to capture them. Sometimes they are included in the grand detail photos taken at the start of coverage before getting ready photos. If this is the plan, I will capture them with the other special details that have been chosen.

Sometimes they are some of the shots we grab after the ceremony during portraits! I've even snuck away with them during the couples sit-down-and-eat time at the reception. Did I mention being a wedding photographer means being flexible and thinking on your feet? ;)

Depending on the timing, coverage and style, I carry a multitude of accessories with me on the big day. One being different colours of textured fabric I use for styling your details, including rings (as pictured in the cover image!) I also love to use a dress, bouquet, natural surroundings and just about anything that looks gorgeous to make those beauties POP! Sometimes they look just perfect on your hands and I will often capture them in this way as well.

It's my belief that details tell the story. Rings are something we plan to wear for a lifetime. Some are even kept in the family, passed down for many lifetimes. I can't count the number of times I've looked down at my own rings in memory, or twirled them around my finger while waiting, even popped them on and off between baby baths and working in the garden. They are a part of my everyday, no matter where I am. Can you say that about many other things from your wedding (aside from your partner -LOL)?

Again, details are everything and it just makes sense to me to include them in photos. If you ask me (if you've read this far, you asked haha) rings carry your love and energy. I see it and feel it when I photograph them. I've heard many officiants and commissioners comment on the symbolism and unconditional love that they represent and the sweet promises made as they are exchanged. I always let that part sink deep.

I have a few more secrets on how I capture my ring shots and other special things I've seen done with rings at weddings but maybe I'll will save that for another post.

Thanks for reading, happy Wednesday:)

Enjoy some ring photos and GIFs below!