Congratulations on your engagement!

You are now planning your engagement session and you are wondering, what should I wear?! Well don't worry, I've got you covered! :)

There are a few key things that I would consider the basics of outfits before moving on with your choices. When it comes to any photography session, comfort is key. You want items with movement and flow, rather than things that feel crisp, starchy and too constrictive. If you can comfortably walk, sit and stand in your outfit- it's the start of a great choice!

My next big tip has to do with distraction. When being photographed for something like an intimate engagement, you want the focus to be you and your love! Choosing items that are complimentary but still interesting is important. Adding texture and a soft pattern is a great choice. At all costs, you want to avoid things like bright colours, bold patterns and large logos that steal the eye. Gym wear and business wear is also not suitable for this type of session (unless of course you have a specific styled vision and you are using those pieces to create a story!)

There are so many other things to consider when choosing your outfits for your session. First, your location! If you are going with an outdoor location - start there. You want to ensure these things:

  1. What you choose is appropriate for the season. You don't want to be freezing in the winter or bundled up in too many layers in the summer!
  2. You want to fit into your environment. Complimentary colours, blending in and looking like you fit the scene.
  3. At most any location, neutral tones will be your very best bet!

Another great way to style yourselves is to lay out your clothes and see how they all look together! A fun way to pair outfits can be to choose one pattern (not overly bold) and pull colours from that for the other items you both will be wearing! A cohesive look without being too matchy is key!

If you are having your session indoors and perhaps having more of a styled vision (date night, cozy at home, doing an activity you both love) you also want to make sure you fit in to your scene there as well! The rules above apply for this type of session as well!

When in doubt, ask your photographer! If you are booked with me, you will receive a copy of my multipage client Wardrobe Guide which reviews all of these tips PLUS tips on hair, makeup and more!

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